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The PB3-REMOTE is an innovative product that replaces the standard commercial door three button operator switch and provides remote control operation with no additional wiring or hardware.

The PB3-REMOTE has been tested with most major brands including Liftmaster, Lynx, MMTC and Allstar. Most commercial overhead doors manufactured over the past 40 years operate on 24VAC power. 


The PB3_REMOTE allows you to remotely control the "OPEN", "CLOSE" and "STOP" functions while still allowing manual push-button operation. The control is supplied with a single waterproof 3-button keyfob transmitter. It can also be used with our multi-door remote control transmitter which allows control of up to 99 doors.

PB3-REMOTE Single Door System for Commercial Doors

  • Specifications

    • Frequency: 340MHz
    • Input voltage: 24VAC
    • Control station dimensions are approximately 5.25" x 2" x 2" .
    • Kit Includes (1) Control Station, (1) 3-button Keyfob Transmitter and (1) Long Range Antenna.
    • Transmit range is 100' with antenna mounted indoors and >500' with antenna mounted outdoors.
    • Up to 30 keyfob transmitters can be used with each receiver.
    • Functions with KF340-DRC-99 Multi-door Transmitter.
  • All PB3-REMOTE products and accessories are manufactured and shipped from Woodstock, IL.


    Most orders are shipped in the US by USPS priority mail.


    Domestic Shipping is $7.00 for orders under $100 and $10 for orders over $100.


    Shipping to Canada is $21 for orders under $100 and $34 for orders over $100.


    International shipping is $33 on orders under $100 and $65 on orders over $100.


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